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ACWA's 2019-'20 Scholarship Applications Now Available

ACWA's 2019-'20 Scholarship Applications
Now Available

Updated Member Toolkit Available to Help Promote $32,000
in ACWA Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, ACWA awards several different scholarships to qualified graduate and undergraduate students majoring in water resources-related fields. Last year, ACWA began offering an easy-to-use online application system called AwardSpring. For the upcoming 2019-’20 academic year, ACWA will again make its scholarship applications available online using AwardSpring. It has also updated its Scholarships Toolkit to help member agencies promote ACWA’s various scholarship opportunities.

For more information on ACWA’s scholarships, please visit www.acwa.com/about/scholarships.


Increased Award for Stephen K. Hall Scholarship

Beginning in the 2019-’20 scholarship cycle, the annual Stephen K. Hall Scholarship will be funded at $10,000, up from the $7,000 level it stood at in previous years. In 2018, the ACWA Awards and Scholarships Subcommittee made the recommendation to increase the scholarship amount, with the ACWA Board of Directors following suit and voting to adopt the change.

New Toolkit

To assist members in promoting available scholarship opportunities in their communities, ACWA has updated its Scholarships Toolkit for the 2019-’20 academic year.

Items in the toolkit include:

  • Sample newsletter or website story: sample story is available to help members promote available ACWA scholarships in their newsletter or on their website.
  • Sample Social Media posts and graphics: Sample posts and graphics are available to help members share information about ACWA’s scholarships on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Website “Widget”: Those that wish to promote ACWA scholarship opportunities may post this graphic on their agency’s website and link it to the ACWA Scholarships page at acwa.com/about/scholarships.

The complete toolkit is available to members on ACWA’s website at: www.acwa.com/resources/2019-acwa-scholarships-toolkit


For questions about ACWA’s scholarship program, please contact Communications Specialist Matt Veeh at (916) 441-4545.