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Reduced Water Allocation & Supplemental Water Purchase

US Bureau of Reclamation’s Initial Water Supply Outlook for the 2021 Water Year & Supplemental Water Purchase

The Bureau of Reclamation announced the initial 2021 water supply allocation for Central Valley Project contractors. Allocation amounts are based on an estimate of water available for delivery to CVP water users and reflects current reservoir storages, precipitation, and snowpack in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada. This year’s low allocation is an indicator of the dry winter California is experiencing after the dry water year of 2020.

The Bureau’s Regional Director Ernest Conant stated that although we had a couple of precipitation-packed storms in January and early February, we are still well below normal for precipitation and snowfall this year.   The Bureau will monitor the hydrology as the water year progresses and continue to look for opportunities for operational flexibility.

As a result, the District was allocated 55% of its historic use.   To supplement the District’s water supply, the Board of Directors unanimously approved and authorized District Manager, Chris Muehlbacher to execute the contract with the McConnell Foundation to purchase 400 acre-feet of supplemental water for the 2021 Water Year.

At present, the District is currently in Stage “0” of the District’s Drought Contingency Plan.  This stage encourages “Voluntary Conservation”.    You can view the Drought Contingency Plan here on the website, under “Drought Contingency Plan".